Low Carb Foods: Can you eat potatoes and sweet potatoes on the LCHF diet?

Today on the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, we have a low carb foods question and in particular a question about tubers. We chat about potatoes and sweet potatoes and if they fall into the category of low carb foods. Are they allowed on the LCHF diet and which one is better for you, if any?

They shouldn’t really be put in the same category. In terms of the two though, sweet potatoes are a much better option. They have more fibre and less carbohydrate than regular potatoes. They are still not the best food source on the LCHF diet though as just a couple could full extreme dieters 25 gram daily limit.
Potatoes rank up there with grains in terms of a no no on the LCHF diet. Potatoes are almost pure glucose and cause a huge spike in your bloodstream and insulin. Biologically your brain is seeing this as a massive spike of sugar into your system. This is not a healthy thing for your body, and can be damaging.

Potatoes are not on the low carb foods list

For this reason you really should cut them out of your diet completely, no matter what level of the LCHF diet you are following. As mentioned, sweet potatoes are fine to have a few times a week.

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