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Mastering Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction: A Comprehensive Resource for Healthcare Practitioners

With less than a week away, we are pleased to be Introducing our latest online training program, “Ketogenic: The Science and Practice of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction,” designed specifically for healthcare practitioners who aspire to become proficient in the principles and application of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR). 

Created in collaboration with renowned experts and built upon the foundation of the esteemed Nutrition Network Textbook, this comprehensive resource delves into the scientific underpinnings and practical implementation of TCR, equipping practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate this dietary approach effectively.

Launching on 12 June 2023 and now open for enrolment at a discounted, early bird rate of 20% off. Early bird rate is valid until 12 June 2023, enroll today and save!


In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the significant impact that diet and nutrition have on our overall health and well-being. One dietary approach that has gained considerable attention is TCR. TCR involves reducing carbohydrate intake to achieve specific health outcomes, such as managing chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and even certain neurological disorders. For healthcare practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and proficiency in this area, this comprehensive resource aims to provide a solid foundation in the principles and application of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction.

Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction is based on the idea that reducing carbohydrate intake can positively impact various metabolic pathways and improve health outcomes. By limiting the consumption of high-carbohydrate foods, the body’s reliance on glucose as a primary fuel source is decreased, leading to a shift toward utilizing fats for energy. This metabolic adaptation can result in improved blood sugar control, weight loss, reduced inflammation, and other benefits.

Those who have completed our flagship training, Professional Training in LCHF/Keto Nutrition & Treatment receive a 30% discount. Please reach out to [email protected] for your coupon code.

Our lecture lineup features a distinguished panel of esteemed lecturers who are renowned doctors and possess an impressive array of qualifications as well as expertise in the field of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction. With their extensive knowledge and experience, our lecturers bring a wealth of expertise from various disciplines, including endocrinology, nutrition, metabolic medicine, and neurology. Their contributions to the development of TCR guidelines and protocols have shaped the field and continue to advance our understanding of this therapeutic approach. 

Featuring an all-star lineup of international speakers, this unparalleled training covers a diverse range of essential topics, including:

  • Professor Tim Noakes, Medical Director & Author: Dietary Guidelines
  • Dr. Rob Cywes, Medical Doctor & Bariatric Surgeon: Neurodevelopment & NAFLD/Liver
  • Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Medical Doctor: Therapeutics of Managing Insulin Resistance
  • Dr. Miki Ben Dor, Ph.D. in Archeology: Understanding Human Diet and Disease
  • Dr. Catherine Crofts, Ph.D. researcher & Pharmacist: Insulin resistance: A unifying feature of chronic disease
  • Dr. Jen Unwin, Clinical Psychologist: Sustainable Behaviour Change
  • Dr. Andrea Salcedo, OBGYN: Gynecologic disease is cardiovascular disease
  • Dr. David Unwin, Medical Doctor: Hypertension: are we blaming salt for what the sugar did to cardiovascular risk?
  • Tamzyn Murphy, Registered Dietitian: Nutritional Aspects of Health & Disease
  • Dr. Neville Wellington, Diabetes Specialist: Type 2 Diabetes: Treating Diabetes with Nutrition instead of Medicine
  • Dr. Hassina Kajee, Medical Doctor: Metabolic Syndrome
  • Caryn Zinn, Professor, Author & Registered Dietitian: TCR for Exercise and Sports Performance and Metabolic Health
  • Amber O’Hearn, MsC & Data Researcher: Nutritional Ketosis
  • Dr. Lara Dugas, Ph.D. & Professor: Gut Health
  • Dr. Nadir Ali, Medical Doctor: Cardiovascular Disease & Insulin Resistance
  • Dr. Angela Poff, Ph.D. & Research Associate: Cancer
  • Dr. Angela Stanton, Scientist & Author: Neurology

As participants engage with these accomplished professionals, they gain invaluable insights, evidence-based recommendations, and practical strategies to effectively implement Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in their own practice.

As you make your way through this completely self-paced online professional training, you will be able to associate each topic with a Chapter in the Textbook for a complete, well-rounded sense of deep learning. 

Who is Eligible to do the Training?

  • Doctors
  • Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, Diabetes Educators
  • Dietitians
  • Nutritionists, Nutrition Therapy Practitioners
  • Banting / LCHF / Keto Coaches 
  • LCHF / Wellness / Mind-Body / Health Coaches 
  • Those who have completed the original training


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