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Accredited by the CPD Standards Office

Nutrition Network (NN) has received full international accreditation for all of the medical trainings on offer in the form of CPD hours. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and it refers to the process of acquiring, tracking, and documenting the knowledge, skills, and experiences that one gains through both formal and informal work that is completed, beyond the initial training required by a profession. 

CPD hours are used to brush up on the latest information and tools needed in a given profession, to ensure professionals keep up to date on the developments within a specific field. Various industries and regulatory bodies will outline the number of CPD hours that need to be acquired each year. 

CPD hours for the medical profession are often referred to as CME (Continuing Medical Education) hours, and the term CEU (Continuing Education Unit) is often also used interchangeably.

CPD’s are strictly regulated by authorised accreditation bodies to ensure that the training provider meets the high standard required by the industry.  The NN has been accredited by The CPD Standards Office, a world-leading CPD accreditation body. The accreditation is recognized and respected internationally – formal CPD Standards certificates are issued by the NN and are accepted in a multitude of countries and across all professional sectors. 

Accreditation with The CPD Standards Office is evidence-based and uses a system that denotes a positive reputation and credibility. This is because all of their accreditations are assessed by third parties. They use criteria based on large-scale research projects and their assessment methodology is also steered by an expert advisory board. 

The NN has also partnered with Berkeley Medical Center to designate their educational activity for a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s) ™. The Berkeley Medical Center is accredited by the West Virginia State Medical Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

There are many benefits to becoming CPD accredited. Keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date through CPD accredited training provides the latest information to make sure learners are informed of the most recent developments, practices and data. For NN, this means the accredited activity provides the latest scientific evidence in therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR), as an organization that has established itself as the leader of evidence-based online learning in TCR nutrition. 

Undertaking CPD accredited courses can also boost the confidence of those starting their careers in the field of medicine and nutrition. By completing training that is a CPD certified course, employees are able to declare a recognized qualification on their resumes. This assists employees when seeking a new position and creates credibility when progressing within their current roles.

NN offers a variety of core trainings in TCR that are CPD accredited globally 

Elective trainings in TCR that are CPD accredited globally 

All of the courses are online, you may start at any time and work through the content completely at your own pace. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a CPD certificate should you require one, and you will be listed on our website’s Wall of Practitioners. Get started in your LCHF career and enrol here

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