Nutrition Network (NN) is the world leader in online low carbohydrate education and to continue to expand our global footprint, we are bringing low-carb education to the world through the translation of our trainings into different languages. 

With the assistance of Ketogenic Coach Barbara Alamo – Nutrition Network (NN) is extremely proud to announce that our highly sought-after Nutrition Network Advisor Training is now available in Spanish. This exciting initiative makes the Advisor Training easily accessible to our Spanish-speaking community in the hope of making a lasting and meaningful impact in the lives of others. 

Barbara Alamo started her ketogenic journey after she had been diagnosed with arthritis. The LCHF / Keto lifestyle and principles that she put into practice produced great results for her and her family. She then went on to become a certified Keto Coach and in mid-2018 opened Keto Club Chile where she coaches and spreads knowledge to facilitate lifestyle changes in the Spanish-speaking community. 

Keto Club is the first Chilean community focused on the LCHF diet. With a large social media following, Barbara Alamo has become increasingly influential in the Keto community and has become a widely respected Keto Coach.

Statistics have indicated that obesity rates in the adult Spanish population are higher than the average with 1 in 6 people being obese. In children, obesity rates are at the highest with 1 in 3 between the ages of 13 and 14 being overweight (1). 

The NN Advisor Training course is a comprehensive online training program comprising specialized modules in both LCHF/TCR science and essential coaching skills. The course equips certified Nutrition Network Advisors with the skills to inspire behavioral change and motivate clients to achieve their health and weight goals. 

The potential impact of this course being accessible in Spanish may be greatly beneficial to the Spanish-speaking population, especially because the Advisor Training course may be done by those with or without a medical background. Equipping both the broader community as well as healthcare professionals with the necessary LCHF / ketogenic dietary knowledge will allow for the community to have a greater understanding and awareness around healthy eating, dietary changes, and potentially change the thinking and beliefs around nutrition. 

You may enroll in the Spanish Advisor Training here: Nutrition Network Advisor Course

Head over to https://www.ketoclub.cl/ or contact [email protected]. You can follow @Ketobarbara on Instagram.


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