Eat Better South Africa – The revolution has begun.

South Africa has come a long way since achieving democracy in 1994, yet many agree that we are still a country plagued by a number of challenges and social injustices.

Based on the GINI index, South Africa is considered the most unequal country in terms of income distribution, consumption and wealth.

Then there’s the issue of health, which should be considered within the broader context of its direct and indirect links with wealth. It has been estimated that by 2030, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) will account for five times as many deaths as communicable diseases. South Africa is also considered to have the 3rd highest obesity rate in the world. These statistics are overwhelming, and begs the question of who is responsible for addressing the change and where do we even start?

The Noakes Foundation, led by Prof Tim Noakes and a dedicated team of highly skilled,  passionate individuals, aim to fix the future outlook of human health, by changing the way people eat and the food policies to enable this, all backed by scientific research. With the overwhelming body of evidence to support the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet, it quickly became apparent that in order to succeed in its mission the real question was, How can we help everyone eat better to feel better and live better lives?

The answer? Eat Better South Africa. The communities outreach initiative of The Noakes Foundation, our mission is to address chronic disease amongst those with no access to private health care.

Our aim is to change the face of disease management in South Africa, granting every South African equal opportunity to a healthy future. By implementing dietary intervention programs in under-resourced communities, we provide a simple, cost-effective, whole foods approach to address chronic disease and malnutrition.

Our projects have included various community programs across South Africa, designed to provide nutrition education and tools to educate, support and empower communities.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable. By adopting a whole foods lifestyle that is cost-effective, community members have shown significant improvements in weight management and have drastically improved blood sugar and blood pressure markers, with some even discontinuing the use of chronic medication.

Our most recent intervention program in Atlantis showed that 78% of participants experienced weight loss, 66% improved blood pressure markers and 100% reported centimeter loss.

And this is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go but we believe that a healthier nation is within our grasp and that it takes each one of us to make a difference. Eat Better South Africa is revolutionising the face of chronic disease management in under-resourced communities across SA.

Every program is self-funded and relies graciously on donations and funding for its successful implementation. The Nutrition Network has found a way to aid this very worthy cause, by donating a portion of all enrolment fee’s to the Eat Better SA program.


WATCH: EBSA looking back on 2017


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To find out how you can volunteer your time in our community projects, kindly email [email protected]

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Eat Better South Africa – changing lives, one community at a time.


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