Nutrition Network Launches its Latest Training in World Nutrition

The Nutrition Network is extremely proud to announce the launch of its latest training, World Nutrition, a course designed to transform you and your practice by exploring universal nutrition truths. 

On 24 March 2022, Nutrition Network hosted its 2nd Annual World Nutrition Summit, a world-class, 3 day event, bringing together a star-studded lineup of world-renowned speakers, all to one virtual stage. The Summit focused on a diverse range of topics, all with one goal – exploring universal nutrition truths, finding common ground in addressing global health. 

In an effort to optimize the way forward in reversing the devastating impact of chronic disease, global authorities shared the latest research-backed findings on a wide range of topics, providing both treating practitioners and health enthusiasts with the most current findings to support global health. 

From 25 April, Nutrition Network will be granting exclusive access to this content in the form of a 3 Module bundle, available at an early bird price of $229. This course provides over 21 hours of online learning and includes topics such as:

  • Prof Tim Noakes: Carbohydrates or fats for exercise performance
  • Peter Ballestedt PhD: Defining Sustainability in an Era of Sub-Optimal Metabolic Health
  • Dr. Robert Lustig: Is processed food, food? 
  • Paul Coker: Whole Food Plant-Based Diet to Reverse Insulin Resistance In Diabetes
  • Tekla Back: Nutrition Facts & Opinions – Reading between the lines.
  • Sally K Norton: Oxalate Toxicity
  • Catherine Barnhoorn: The One Size Fits All Diet
  • Dr. Tim O’Dowd: Health or Disease?: Pregnancy’s Influential Role
  • Dr. Robert Cywes: Interpreting blood work on a ketogenic diet
  • Dr. Hassina Kajee: Disease Proofing the Future
  • Dr. Neville Wellington: Remission of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Dr David Unwin: Low Carb: High Protein & Renal Health
  • Bitten Jonsson: Addiction Medicine
  • Dr Nasha Winters: Understanding & Managing Cachexia & Nutrition
  • Dr Jen Unwin: How Can We Help People with Food Addiction
  • Dr Brian Lenzkes: When Big Brother is Actually a Good Thing: A Team Approach to Patient Monitoring
  • Dr Rob Cywes: Interpreting Blood work on a Ketogenic Diet
  • Dr Mark Cucuzzella: Child Obesity Pandemic
  • Jayne Bullen: Fake foods: Lies, Myths & Fraud

Each lecture comes with accompanying downloadable resources as well as access to the Nutrition Networks membership platform. This course is available as a 3 module bundle available now at an Early Bird Price of $229, or as individual modules, available at $109 each. Click here to enrol now 

Platinum ticket holders will be granted lifetime access to this content and General Admissions can still upgrade their access for just $50. To upgrade click here

World Nutrition is pending CPD accreditation. 

Our team is on hand to assist. Contact us on [email protected] for further assistance. 

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