Nutrition Network Launches New Community For Members

In response to an ongoing need, the Nutrition Network (NN) will be launching a new product – the Nutrition Network Community – an online space where NN members can get together, away from the distractions of social media, and engage in more enriched discussions around therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and its application in practice.

Currently, all NN members are invited to join a private Facebook group where they are encouraged to participate in group discussions, ask questions and provide feedback to fellow group members. This Facebook group has enjoyed three years of lively conversations and connections, but it is now time for us to move to a platform that prioritizes privacy and is more integrated with our online course curriculum. One seamless interface between NN course content and our network of members- away from the distractions, censorship and misinformation of social media.

The community has been designed to help members implement what they have learnt in the NN online trainings and will be updated regularly with new content, useful toolboxes and resources, monthly research roundups, but most importantly, will be the portal through which patients, practitioners and coaches can connect. Members will be able to troubleshoot and learn from other members and mentors, in an open and judgement-free environment.

Jayne Bullen, MD for the NN says, “The immense value of our network lies in the extraordinary minds of each contributor and voice. This we know for sure having engaged in and monitored conversations on our forums in the past years. In our community of practitioners at the Nutrition Network, we have an extraordinary breadth of global experts spanning professions from dietetics, oncology and ophthalmology, to addiction and endocrinology and everything in between. From all around the world. Our universe consists of over 60 countries, all continents and all areas of healthcare, coming together with a common purpose to uncover how dietary change can impact human health.”

The idea of the Community is not to bombard members with too much information, rather, we are creating a user-friendly community where we can learn from each other, a go-to place when you have a question, need support or advice, or need patient/client resources. Members will guide what information our experts need to create. The conversations and content will be dynamic, supportive and flexible – as led by members and experts.

Click here to access our demo video of our Nutrition Network Community Platform to learn how to navigate your way through!

The NN Community is perfect for anyone wanting to:

  • Connect with other low carb enthusiasts, not only virtually but also in your town or city
  • Make sense of the latest science, as it is published
  • Learn more about the application of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction
  • Create a business around coaching, or start their own LCHF practice


Currently, the Community is free to join for all existing NN members, with the upgrade to Premium Membership starting at $10 per month. Premium gains you instant access to exclusive content, live Q&A events, and distilled research, all with the aim of taking your low carb and keto knowledge to the next level. Those who sign up at the opening price are guaranteed this low price for as long as you are a member.

We are also offering an Elite Annual Membership which contains unlimited Community access, tickets to the 2022 World Nutrition Summit (valued at $249) PLUS 1 CPD accredited elective training (valued at $300), all for the never-to-be-repeated price of $350 for the year.

Over the next few weeks, we will officially begin inviting Nutrition Network members to make the switch over to our Community. Members are encouraged to keep an eye on their inbox for updates.

Jayne Bullen continues, “This community has the unique capacity to transform the future of medicine and the future of global health through working and conversing together to find the answers to difficult questions. What multi-disciplinary teams do best is bring together creative, collaborative insights to help support patients. This new forum is important as a discussion and knowledge tool to take your work, your questions and your ideas to life in a professional setting. I hope to converse with and see you on the other side!”

For any questions, please contact: [email protected]

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