The Nutrition Network is excited to announce its recent collaboration with Esport online platform, FitGMR. FitGMR, an online platform designed to maximize the potential for all gamers, connects the worlds of sport science, health and wellness, with Esport performance. The platform offers virtual and in-person coaching for professional and university Esports athletes and teams, with a focus on finding a balance between competitive gaming and life. 

It is estimated that the global gaming market will generate $175.8 billion this year, and forecasts have shown that the gaming market will surpass $200 billion in the year 2023. Lockdowns due to COVID19 have led to a huge spike in the industry, as seen in trends across all platforms and territories. 

Gamers, who often compete late into the night, tend to develop poor eating habits, relying on convenience fast foods and sugar-laden snacks and energy drinks to keep them fueled. This, coupled with irregular sleep patterns and a lack of physical exercise due to the heavy demands of cross-territory (and therefore timezone) tournaments, has resulted in high incidence of diabetes, obesity and burn out amongst the young athletes. These unhealthy habits lead to poor concentration, recurring sickness, as well as weight gain and fatigue.

Professional gamers, also known as Esports athletes, need the same regime as other athletes to achieve peak mental and physical performance and to ensure longevity in the sport.

FitGMR approached Nutrition Network to be their official nutrition education partner, with the aim to assist gamers in optimizing their health through carefully curated educational materials. NN will be guiding the nutrition information that will be shared on the FitGMR website and in the FitGMR app. This collaboration provides an opportunity to reach the global gaming industry and create awareness around the dangers of excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates consumption and the important role proper nutrition plays in mental focus, clarity, and overall health and wellness.

As with any other kind of athlete, what Esport athletes put into their body’s has an impact on their performance. FitGMR and NN provide guidance to gamers, giving them the information and the tools they need to enjoy success and longevity in both their personal, and professional lives

The knock-on effects of influential gamers in the sector becoming role models to teenagers around the world is critical. Teenagers, particularly during adolescent development and while experiencing growth spurts, may feel hungrier more often and therefore tend to eat more.It is critical that during this phase of development, teenagers take in as much nutrients for growth, energy and development and form healthy eating habits. 

The Nutrition Network is always looking for ways to collaborate with aligned partners in an effort to share information about the benefits of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any ideas or opportunities.


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