Nutrition Network: The Noakes Foundation Committed to Training Medical Professionals and Taking Low Carb Science to the World


“There is no way to eat that is more expensive than the current diet in South Africa if you consider the immeasurable cost of having diabetes and what that chronic disease will cost the state” – Prof Tim Noakes

Doctors and dietitians desperately need more access to credible science and evidence-based information which specifically addresses preventative medicine and how to treat patients using dietary intervention.

The Nutrition Network, set to be launched in early 2018, is an education and learning platform conceived by the team of doctors at The Noakes Foundation in partnership with a number of top doctors and scientists. The Nutrition Network platform has been designed exclusively for medical practitioners across all disciplines, covering the latest and most up-to-date science and research in the field of Low Carb Nutrition. The course will commence with a Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic patient treatment in early 2018.

The platform’s creation is driven by the high demand of enquiries we receive on a daily basis to refer patients to trust-worthy, low carb educated doctors, nurses and dietitians. Lead by Prof Noakes and a group of other experts in the field, the platform will be both a professional training course for doctors and medical professionals who wish to implement low carbohydrate science into existing practices, as well as a global network of much-needed LCHF resources.

As it stands, the information around the low carbohydrate eating science is disjointed within ‘silo’s’, both on and offline. Medical professionals typically have access to the latest science and research, but need to be wary of industry’s agenda and influence on the credibility of the findings. As not all medical professionals have access to the full articles published in the various medical journals, much of their continued learning is via the content shared with them by pharmaceutical reps and is sales driven in this direction.

‘You need only go and sit in your GP’s office and look around: it is decorated with branded goods and posters. Look closer at who they are from and we start to see through the veil that shrouds modern medicine. Once you open this pandora’s box and dig deeper, the more the veil is lifted to reveal how profoundly big biz shapes our lives, health and outlook on life should we fall ill. It is insidious and deeply embedded’ says Jayne Bullen, COO of The Noakes Foundation.

We intend to intercept this industry-driven method of learning, and rather provide medical professionals with the opportunity to learn directly from the highest standard of scientific research, as communicated by various experts in the field.

The platform aims to support continued professional development and dispel myths surrounding LCHF by providing access to the latest scientific findings and data from around the world. The focus is on lifestyle management, supporting health, and the treatment of diseases which are rooted in poor nutrition, with a purpose to consider food and lifestyle modification as medicine, both preventatively and curatively.

More about the contents of the course:

All contributors are medical professionals registered with the HPCSA locally or with an international regulatory body and are qualified in their relevant fields. The knowledge shared is that of industry peers.

The platform will be one single source of all curated content pertaining to LCHF globally. The content will be unbiased and without agenda. Both positive and negative results and trials will be shared. The content will serve medical professionals both locally and internationally.

The platform will follow best practices in terms of an online blended learning experience. Content mix, flow, supporting documents, toolkits, case studies and can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device.

The Nutrition Network will be hosting a public event on the 7th of December in Cape Town. The event will serve as a fundraiser for the launch of the platform and will feature Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Neville Wellington and Dr Hassina Kajee who will, along with The Noakes Foundation, form the founding board of the network. The three LCHF experts will be exploring dietary approaches to chronic disease management. To book tickets for the event click here.

The launch of the Nutrition Network will be held in early February 2018 and will be a conference exclusively for medical, nursing and allied health practitioners. The conference will feature a number of respected LCHF practitioners, sharing the latest insights in their respective fields, and will be worth 12 CDP points. Please contact us on [email protected] to find out more and/or to apply to attend the conference.

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