​Pre-Race Meal on the LCHF Diet: What to eat before running?

We have been getting a lot of questions about what you can eat as a pre-race meal on the LCHF diet when running a race like the Comrades Marathon. Becoming fat adapted and running on the low carb high fat diet takes a change in thinking as much as it takes a change in diet. Today we reveal what the ideal pre-race meal on the Low Carb High Fat Diet is.

If you have become fully fat adapted, you shouldn’t need anything. Your metabolism should have adapted to you only needing to eat every eight hours or so. In the case of races like Comrades this should still be the same. If you had a meal the night before, while more than eight hours have past, these have been inactive, so you will still not have to eat.
If you really do feel the need to still eat a pre-race meal, look at a high fat breakfast. Like with eating high fat the night before, this will give you more fuel. On a carbohydrate high diet, you will find yourself needing to eat every few hours. On the LCHF diet, with or without breakfast you would be able to go around six hours without needing to eat. The reason for this is you have all the fat you need in your body.
It is for sure if you are on a Low Carb High Fat diet, where you don’t need carbohydrates for energy every few hours. This is because of the advantage of having adapted to storing fat as your source of energy during races. If this is the case, you shouldn’t need carbohydrates or fat during a race less than six hours in duration.

High Fat Pre-Race Meal

Is it healthier if you don’t eat a pre-race meal?

It is however a case of experimenting, so you are well aware of what your now fat adapted body can achieve come race day. But the point is you should have enough fat in reserve to burn off during the race.

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