The Nutrition Network and The Noakes Foundation: A Symbiotic Relationship

In the world of healthcare, collaboration often leads to groundbreaking advancements. One notable partnership is between The Noakes Foundation and The Nutrition Network. These entities work in harmony, sharing a common purpose and history of impactful milestones.

The Nutrition Network, founded by The Noakes Foundation, is an online platform dedicated to sharing knowledge, research, and practical skills related to Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction. Its mission is to educate healthcare practitioners to implement these strategies effectively.

The Noakes Foundation, established in 2014, advocates for the health benefits of low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets and challenges conventional dietary beliefs. Since its inception, it has achieved significant milestones:

  • 2010: Prof. Tim Noakes adopts the LCHF diet, experiencing remarkable health improvements and reversing his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
  • 2012: Prof. Noakes engages in a thought-provoking debate on cholesterol and heart disease, challenging conventional beliefs.
  • 2014: The Noakes Foundation is founded, aiming to reveal the benefits of a high-fat, low-carb diet and make a difference in global health.
  • 2015: The HPCSA trial, a legal battle over Prof. Noakes’ dietary advice, ends with him being found not guilty.
  • 2018: The Nutrition Network is launched, offering accredited education and resources on Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction.
  • 2021: The Noakes Foundation defines the negative phenomenon of online academic bullying, highlighting the importance of scientific integrity.

“Why the Noakes Foundation? Simple. In the first place, to honour my parents. In 1946, Reginald and Wendy Noakes emigrated from the UK with my recently born sister, Amanda (Mandy), shortly after the end of the Second World War, to start a new life in Harare, Zimbabwe. My father’s business acumen allowed us to move to Cape Town in 1954 where I was educated and have lived ever since. Late in his life, my father developed Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). My conventional medical training taught me to believe that T2DM is a progressive, remorseless disease, so I was of little assistance to him in his final illness. Now that I too have T2DM, perhaps as part of my genetic inheritance, this defeatist attitude of hopelessness is simply no longer true. T2DM can be prevented and, if caught early enough, can be reversed in some. My family and I have started The Noakes Foundation so that we can play a small part in stopping the remorseless spreading of this unnecessary disease by raising funds to support nutritional research that makes a difference. The Noakes Foundation will be granting research funding of more than a million Rand a year to ground-breaking projects that are critical to offset the T2DM, obesity and malaise epidemic of our times – there is no time to waste! We are answering the following questions with our research – we want you to GET INVOLVED IN BEING PART OF THE ANSWERS! How do we correct the dietary errors of the past fifty years? How do we determine the optimal diet for individuals? How do we change individual eating and exercise patterns to prevent Type 2 Diabetes & minimise the effects of insulin resistance? How can we help everyone to eat better, to feel better and to live better lives? Happy banting!” – Prof. Noakes

In April 2014, The Noakes Foundation embarked on a journey to transform the landscape of nutrition and health. Now, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we invite you to join us in commemorating this milestone at the Taj Hotel in Cape Town on April 18, 2024, from 9 am to 12 pm.

Featuring Prof. Tim Noakes as the Keynote Speaker, this event promises insights into our foundation’s remarkable journey over the past decade. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast, network with like-minded individuals, and contribute to groundbreaking research that continues to shape the future of healthcare.

Ticket prices start from R2000, and seats are limited. Secure yours now by contacting [email protected]. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of our celebration and join us as we look forward to another decade of impact and innovation.

Link to Facebook Event

The synergy between The Noakes Foundation and The Nutrition Network is evident in their shared commitment to challenging conventional beliefs and promoting evidence-based nutrition. Through their collaboration, they have empowered healthcare practitioners worldwide to adopt Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction, leading to improved health outcomes for countless individuals.

In conclusion, The Nutrition Network and The Noakes Foundation exemplify how collaboration can drive meaningful change in healthcare. Together, they continue to pave the way for a healthier future, based on science, education, and innovation.

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