The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP) as an appreciated Nutrition Network Ambassador

The Nutrition Network (NN) prides itself on its noteworthy collaborations and partnerships built over the years through the Nutrition Network Ambassador Program. Through this initiative, NN is able to partner with organisations and individuals who align with its vision of implementing carbohydrate restriction and lifestyle modifications to improve metabolic health.

One of our key collaborations in this regard is with the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP). Through its outstanding work, the aim of SHMP is to represent all researchers and practitioners working to improve metabolic health around the world through education, training, and support of evidence-based nutritional approaches, including carbohydrate restriction, as a valid therapeutic option or intervention. 

This hugely significant partnership between the Nutrition Network and SMHP highlights the importance of collaboration in providing researchers and medical practitioners with evidence-based nutritional approaches in treating metabolic disease. 

As the global pioneers in online LCHF Nutrition Training, Nutrition Network is the official low carbohydrate, high fat training partner of the SMHP. The Nutrition Network training courses are part of the Continuing Metabolic Health Education (CMHE) Providers which the SHMP has introduced.This initiative has allowed practitioners to become accredited through the SMHP accreditation, ensuring that they have met the SMHP standards of understanding competence in the practice of dietary and lifestyle interventions that address metabolic health.

Doug Reynolds, President of the SMHP says “I am proud to have a global partnership with Nutrition Network (NN) for education and accreditation for our organization, the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners. I had full confidence when NN launched their courses from the historical knowledge of Prof Noakes, and it was reinforced when I went through all the courses myself”

Jayne Bullen, Managing Director at Nutrition Network says “We appreciate and deeply value our long term partnership with Founder of Low Carb USA, Doug Reynolds and more recently  his vision and initiative at the SMHP. He is an embodied example of how you can integrate profit with principle and give back in a way that makes society better for all. Nutrition Network is majority owned by the Noakes Foundation, which is a non profit organisation. It is important to us that our work has a positive social impact. We strive to collaborate with non profit organisations that operate in the nutrition and health space, in ways that will positively impact our organisation and society. We hope to do more of this with new partners and more collaborations” 

The Nutrition Network is looking to expand its global Ambassador Program by offering passionate brand ambassadors the opportunity to join us in expanding the reach of our organisations’ vision. 

Our ambassadors are hand-picked to act as representatives of the Nutrition Network’s vision and brand image, and will work closely with us to explore new ways to maintain and support our global positioning as industry experts. They will also be given the opportunity to promote and offer our global training’s to their existing network, whilst earning an affiliate commission.

As an educational institution we are committed to providing expert training to medical professionals, backed by current science and research and we respect and support the magnitude of the mission that the SMHP and other like minded organisations and individuals stand for.  

For more information on the Ambassador program or any of our online courses, please email: [email protected]



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