The Steps to Becoming a Nutrition Network Practitioner™ (NNP) Explained in Detail

Becoming a Nutrition Network Practitioner™ (NNP) signifies that someone has acquired the highest level of knowledge and skill in the field and is recognized as a certified practitioner.

We have 2 different certification programs:

  1. Medical Certification – for medically trained practitioners: MDs, DTs, NPs etc.Non-medical personnel may be included on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Coach Certification – for non-medical professionals: health coaches, personal trainers,LCHF enthusiasts etc

Candidates are carefully selected based on their unwavering passion and vision to make an impact within LCHF nutrition, as well as having complied with the following qualifying criteria:


Advisor Training is a pre-requisite for candidates applying for the Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner Certification. This training will ensure that you grasp the key concepts required for coaching in therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR).


Nutritional Medicine: The Basic Sciences is a pre-requisite for candidates applying for the Nutrition Network Medical Practitioner Certification. This training will ensure that you have grasped the mechanisms underlying the therapeutic action of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR).


Ketogenic: The Science and Practice of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction

This training will give you an overview of the history, science, context and most common therapeutic applications of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR).


LCHF in Clinical Practice Training which consists of 3 modules:

  • Module 1: Evolutionary and Scientific Evidence
  • Module 2: LCHF for Practical Medical Applications
  • Module 3: Prescribing LCHF in Clinical Practice


Professional Training in LCHF for Dietitians, which covers the same topics as LCHF in Clinical Practice, with the addition of tools and techniques specific to dietitians’ practice.


Three Elective modules must be completed:

  • Ethics Training
  • Diabetes Reversal Training
  • Obesity: Risk & Reversal Training
  • Neurology: Keto for Migraines, Epilepsy & Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Nutritional Paradigms for Treating Chronic Disease
  • Advisor Training *
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Addictive Eating
  • Women’s Health Training
  • Cancer: A Metabolic Disease

Please note, that the Advisor Training will count as 1 Elective if it is taken in addition to one other Professional Training listed in Step 1.


The Certification Program is an intensive 14-week program that consists of small group learning and mentorship, ongoing written and live engagement, written assignments, and an oral examination.

Sessions will include the following:

  • Discussion of the latest scientific findings/publications
  • The application of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction to a range of conditions – assupported by evidence
  • Common patient challenges and how to overcome them
  • Case studies

On successful completion of our Program, candidates are awarded the certification as a Nutrition Network Practitioner indicating that they are the gold standard of LCHF practitioners while establishing themselves as industry leaders in a way that is fully verified and supported by our team of experts.

Certified Practitioners also achieve a priority listing on our website and are involved more actively with our inner circle of Medical Directors and other certified practitioners.

More information about the actual live program

Weekly Work

Weekly work will be assessed based on your participation and engagement during the live session as well as engagement on the Community Platform. Note that some weekly work will have to be submitted before the Live session. This will be communicated to you clearly on the Community Platform.

Community Platform

The Community Platform will serve as your exclusive learning portal for this certification. Here you will have access to your lecturers and fellow students and will be where you gain access to your lecture resources, pre-reading material, recordings of the live sessions, and your ‘weekly work’, which consists of questions posted on the Community Platform. You will need to answer these weekly work assessment questions within the week – all of these elements will make up part of your final assessment score. Your personalized access to the Community platform will be sent to you. Your requirements for each week will be clearly explained in the Community Platform Classroom.

Live Group Meetings

As per your Curriculum Calendar, each week you will be required to meet for the live group meetings held on Zoom. Any pre-reading/viewing required prior to the meeting will be indicated on the Platform. The lecturer will lead and direct the group discussion and will encourage individual participation. Participation in these meetings will be analysed based on your level of engagement, delivery of relevant points and opinions, professionalism, and ability to grasp and understand the topics discussed.

For those who are unable to attend the live session, a pre-recording will be available on the Community Platform. As mentioned, you will be assessed on your engagement during the live discussion. If your attendance for a particular session is not possible, you would be required to complete a form listing your key takeaways from the session, to be submitted on the platform within 24 hours of the pre-recording upload. The “Missed Presentation Review Form” will be located in your Program Resources space on the Community Platform.

Please complete the form at this link to apply or contact [email protected] for more.

The Nutrition Network offers bundle discounts on all the trainings required to be eligible to apply for the live Certification program.

  1. NN Medical Bundle
  2. NN Coach Bundle

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