The World Nutrition Summit 2022 Event!

On 24 March 2022, Nutrition Network will once again be hosting the 2nd Annual World Nutrition Summit. This world-class, 3-day event brings together a star-studded lineup of world-renowned speakers, all to one virtual stage. That’s right, no travel costs, or jet lag – the World Nutrition Summit 2022 is bringing all the experts you know and love directly to you, at the click of a button.

This year, the Summit focuses on a diverse range of topics, all with one goal – Exploring universal nutrition truths, finding common ground in addressing global health. 

“As the Nutrition Network, we are interested in discovering the way forward for the future of human health. A way that allows us to be optimal, healthy, and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Last year, we addressed this topic broadly. This year, we have decided to focus on universal truths, and on how to find common ground among differing opinions. We want to identify the optimal way forward for humanity and to reverse the absolute tsunami of chronic disease that we are facing. We want our future generations not to have to suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and the multiple dietary chronic diseases that we are fighting against” says Jayne Bullen, Managing Director of the Nutrition Network and one of the key speakers at this year’s event. 

Some of the expert speakers and topics covered this year include:

  • Prof Tim Noakes: Carbohydrates or fats for exercise performance
  • Peter Ballestedt: Defining Sustainability in an Era of Sub-Optimal Metabolic Health
  • Dr. Robert Lustig: Is processed food, food? 
  • Paul Coker: Whole Food Plant-Based Diet to Reverse Insulin Resistance In Diabetes
  • Tekla Back: Nutrition Facts & Opinions – Reading between the lines.
  • Sally K Norton: Oxalate Toxicity
  • Catherine Barnhoorn: The One Size Fits All Diet
  • Dr. Tim O’Dowd: Health or Disease?: Pregnancy’s Influential Role
  • Dr. Ken Berry: How to Detect & Reverse Type 2 Diabetes 10 Years Before Diagnosis
  • Dr. Robert Cywes: Interpreting blood work on a ketogenic diet
  • Dr. Hassina Kajee: Disease Proofing the Future
  • Dr. Neville Wellington: Remission of Type 2 Diabetes 

Attendees will get the opportunity to indulge in these and other excellent topics over 3 days, each day having its own theme. Day 1 focuses on “Our World Today: Outlining the Context”; day 2 focuses on “The Changes Needed” and day 3 will explore “Common Ground and the Future”.

Each day is jam-packed with exceptional content; mind-body sessions, interactive panel discussions, and networking with speakers and summit attendees alike. 

Attendees have the option of purchasing the Platinum Ticket, which offers live access to the 3-day Summit, exclusive access to a Live Q&A session with select speakers, 1-year access to Nutrition Network Community Membership Platform, special discounts on Nutrition Network courses, and lifetime access to post-event content; or the General Access which offers live access to the 3-day event. 

We cannot wait to share this epic experience with you. Ticket sales are still open. Don’t miss out. Secure your spot now by booking here

Contact [email protected] for further assistance. 

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