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This December on the Community Platform

As we wrap up December, it’s time to reflect on the exciting achievements and initiatives that marked the closing chapter of this remarkable year within our global community.

The Coach Practitioner Path opened its doors for applications, welcoming passionate individuals committed to LCHF nutrition coaching. As we consider the last few candidates, we look forward to adding more dedicated members to this transformative path.

Our Facebook Live Series shed light on The Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner Certification Path. Members actively participated, sharing questions and insights, making it an engaging and informative session.

We celebrated the launch of our revamped website and updated branding/logo, representing the dynamic and forward-thinking spirit of the Nutrition Network.

The success of our Textbook, “Ketogenic: The Science of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in Human Health 1st Edition” with Elsevier, was a crowning achievement. It received accolades and secured its place as the second highest-grossing Science and Technology title for 2023.

Adding to our commitment to education, we introduced two new online professional training programs: “Ketogenic: The Science and Practice of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction” and “Women’s Health.” These programs aim to provide comprehensive insights to healthcare practitioners.

Global outreach was a key focus as we launched Nutrition Network Diabetes Reversal in Polish, breaking language barriers and making quality healthcare education accessible to a broader audience.

Active participation in events like the LowCarb USA event and India’s first-ever metabolic health conference showcased our dedication to sharing knowledge. Our team members, Jayne and Prof Tim Noakes, played crucial roles, presenting on topics ranging from Gut-Brain to Gut Health.

On the Community Platform, we enriched Masterclasses, Premium, and Elite content with diverse topics such as gastrointestinal disorders, weight loss, exercise, sleep and stress management, and more. The initiation of the 2023 Medical Practitioner Pathway and the Coach Graduation of 2023 highlighted our commitment to excellence.

Heartfelt congratulations go out to the 14 candidates from around the world who graduated as Low Carbohydrate Nutrition Network Coach Practitioners in 2023. Their dedication and success exemplify the passion that drives the Nutrition Network forward.

Our next Masterclass of 2024 will be featuring Prof Tim Noakes. His exploration into “Why Do Humans Burn Carbohydrates” will be discussed and exclusive to our Premium Members, who have the opportunity to register in advance and secure their spots for this insightful session scheduled for January 18, 2024, at 16:00 PM SAST. The anticipation is high, accompanied by pre-reading materials and learning objectives soon to be unveiled.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we express gratitude to each member of our community for their inspired thinking, passion, and commitment. Together, we’ve changed the future of human health, one patient and one practitioner at a time.

Wishing all Nutrition Network Members and subscribers a joyous festive season and a New Year filled with health, joy, and prosperity!

Stay connected, stay healthy!

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