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This February on the Community Platform

February 2024 on the Nutrition Network Community Platform has been incredibly enriching, providing a wealth of up-to-date information on Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR).

Our Live Stream featured Managing Director Jayne Bullen interviewing Robin Switzer, owner of Hack Your Health, about her inspiring journey of overcoming food addiction and discovering the transformative potential of low/zero-carb eating. Robin’s story is just one example of the many incredible transformations we witness within our community, providing valuable insights and practical strategies for achieving optimal health.

We also had a 3-Part Lecture Series by Dr. Hassina Kajee, exclusively for our Premium & Elite Members, covering important topics like Hunger, the Physiological IR of Puberty, and Cancer Symptoms. Dr. Kajee’s lectures shed light on these intricate processes, providing valuable insights into their significance.

Unlock your membership, to gain access to the full lecture series and more for as little as $15/month. All content is available for re-watch.

In our Journal Club, Nutrition Network Coach Practitionerâ„¢ Shashikant Iyegar presented on Diabetes Remission/Control with Low Carb – 2 Case Studies, hosted by Dr. Neville Wellington. This engaging discussion is just one example of the valuable content available to our members.

Additionally, we hosted a Live Stream on Surviving Terminal Brain Cancer, featuring Tamzyn Murphy RD interviewing Alison Gannett, founder and head coach of Personalized AntiCancer Nutrition. Alison shared her remarkable health journey as a survivor of terminal brain cancer, defying the prognosis through a personalized anti-cancer diet and lifestyle plan.

Join our community today to access these exclusive events and more, and be part of a community dedicated to achieving optimal health and supporting each other on our health journeys.

The community has been created in order to prioritize privacy and offer an environment that is seamlessly integrated with our online training platform – one central place to log in, ask questions, engage, and network with your fellow members and our experts.

Becoming a premium member grants you the following benefits,

  • New content is added weekly
  • Interactive Live events
  • Video Library
  • Downloadable Resources & Practitioner Toolbox
  • Regular scientific updates
  • Monthly Research Roundup
  • Unlimited community access
  • Exclusive mini-online trainings
  • Exclusive discounts
  • TCR References
  • 120+ Lecture Footage Content

The platform is an online, digital health and medical education platform that includes video, and written resources designed to educate across all segments of nutrition, low-carb science, and nutritional evidence

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