Tracey McBeath: Exercise and The Modern Woman

Nutrition Network will be launching its latest training in Keto/ Low Carb Nutrition for Sports & Exercise Performance, titled Sports Nutrition

This exciting course offers expert-driven content and includes a lecture by personal trainer, health coach and Nutrition Network Advisor, Tracey McBeath. In her presentation, Tracey delves into the important topic of ‘Exercise and the Modern Woman’ where she helps practitioners & coaches help their patients/clients overcome conditioned thoughts that get in the way of exercise.

In her lecture, Tracey emphasises the importance of seeing a client’s best intentions and then challenging their thought processes – helping them see beyond their perceived limitations in order to help them change. As a coach, she encourages bespoke individualised solutions, emphasising the importance of meeting clients where they are in order to inspire change. 

She identifies the top five barriers to exercise and presents strategies to overcome them, namely: 

  • Using exercise for weight loss
  • Looking in the wrong place for motivation
  • Being in a rush (including the fat-adaptation phase)
  • The perfection myth
  • Not listening to your body

This training includes leading experts covering other key topics in Sports, Exercise and TCR nutrition, such as

  • Prof Tim Noakes: My life in Sports Nutrition: from High Carbs to High Fats
  • Tracey McBeath: Exercise & Modern Women
  • Dr Tro Kalyjian: Low Carbohydrate Diets & Athletic Performance
  • Dr Ben Bocchiccio: Exercise as if Your Life Depended on it. Here’s Why it Does.
  • Laurie Rauch: Nourishing your Muscles
  • Holden McRae: LCHF: Metabolically Flexible for both Low and Higher Intensity Exercise

This highly anticipated training is open to exercise and fitness professionals as well as coaches, medical and allied health professionals. The training launches at the end of June 2022 and is currently open for enrolment at a 30% Early Bird discount, for only $230. For more information click here.

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