Nutrition Network Diabetes Reversal launches in Polish!

In an ever-connected world, breaking language barriers is pivotal to making quality healthcare education accessible to doctors, allied healthcare workers, and more. We’re pleased to announce a significant milestone at Nutrition Network with our online training elective program, Diabetes Reversal now available in Polish with the assistance of our partner, Dr. Lukasz and Mateusz Rodzen aka, the Rodzeń Brothers.

Dr. Rodzen, an experienced healthcare professional, specializes in effectively treating diabetic patients with fatty liver through the implementation of keto and LCHF lifestyle interventions. He personally adheres to the principles of LCHF and has transformed their own life through this approach, making notable lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking, shedding 20 kilograms in weight, and eliminating sweets from his diet. Dr Rodzen and his team successfully translated our online training in Diabetes Reversal into Polish.  

This exciting development marks a major step forward in our commitment to fostering global learning and making our resources accessible to a wider audience. 

Polish is not just a language; it’s a vibrant culture with a rich history. By translating our Diabetes Reversal training into Polish, we’re opening the doors to an entirely new community of doctors, who can now engage with our content in their native language. This creates a more inclusive and enriching learning experience, allowing Polish-speaking individuals to fully immerse themselves in the material without language barriers hindering their progress. 

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Poland falls within the IDF EUR region, which encompasses 59 countries. Globally, approximately 537 million individuals are affected by diabetes, with over 61 million residing in the EUR Region. Projections suggest that by 2045, the number of diabetes cases in this region will increase to 69 million (1).

Our Diabetes training outlines the evidence-based approaches that you can apply in your practice to reduce medication requirements and promote optimal health in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. Our roster of esteemed physicians covers a broad spectrum of medical specialties, ensuring that learners receive well-rounded insights into various healthcare fields, mainly focusing on Diabetes Reversal. Our lecture outline is as follows, 

  1. Diabetes Reversal Part 1: History and Epidemiology of T2D – Professor Tim Noakes
  2. Diabetes Reversal Part 2: Insulin Resistance Underlies Modern Lifestyle Diseases – Professor Tim Noakes
  3. Diabetes Reversal Part 3: The Pathophysiology of T2D – Professor Tim Noakes
  4. Diabetes Reversal Part 4: T2D Remission & Low Carbohydrate Diets – Professor Tim Noakes
  5. Diabetes Reversal – Dr Neville Wellington
  6. LCHF for Type 2 Diabetes – Tamzyn Murphy, RD, MSC
  7. Low Carb Nutrition Approaches in Patients with Obesity, Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes: Diabesity & a Low Carb Approach in Clinical Practice – Dr Mark Cucuzzella
  8. Low Carb Nutrition Approaches in Patients with Obesity, Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes: A Focus on Medication Reduction – Dr Mark Cucuzzella
  9. Pathophysiology of the Complications of Chronic Hyperglycaemia  – Dr Hassina Kajee
  10. Patient Perspective – Dr Neville Wellington & Patient

Join us in celebrating this exciting achievement as we work together to empower individuals, foster personal growth, and build a more connected world through the power of diabetes reversal education and nutrition. Together, we can break down barriers – Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to strive for excellence in online education. 

You may enrol in the translated Diabetes Reversal Training here. If you are interested in the English version, please click here to enrol. Or contact us at [email protected] for more information. 

Dziękujęmy (Thank you) for being a part of our journey! 

Reference list:

  1.  Internatioanl Diabetes Federation (IDF) – Poland (2023)

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