World Nutrition Summit 2022: Call For Abstracts

The World Nutrition Summit 2022 will be a virtual event, set to host medical/nutrition experts and relevant industry authorities (government, academics, policymakers, healthcare, agriculture etc.) from around the world, to address various nutrition and health challenges impacting Africa and the world. The event will examine the link between nutrition and disease reversal and will explore this in the context of various nutrition/dietary/lifestyle perspectives, i.e. Ketogenic/ Low Carb High Fat Diet, Paleo, Plant-based, Carnivore etc.

Have an interesting piece of research you are working on? Why not share it with the world and apply to present at the upcoming World Nutrition Summit 2022! Submission Date: 15 Feb 2022. Details are in the attached document.

The Nutrition Network invites the submission of abstracts for original work. Abstracts can be submitted for consideration for an oral (pre-recorded) online presentation with supporting PDF’s in the following categories

  1. Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders

  2. Nutrition & Mental Health

  3. Nutrition & Immune system

  4. Nutrition & musculoskeletal

  5. Nutrition & gastrointestinal

  6. Nutrition & cancer

  7. Nutrition & exercise

  8. Nutrition & clinical practice

  9. Biochemical and physiological mechanisms

  10. Food Policy

  11. Environmental

  12. Legal and ethical

  13. Other

If you have done research in one of the above fields, or consider yourself to be an expert, please submit your proposed abstract for review to [email protected].


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