World Nutrition Summit (WNS) to feature as an online course on the Nutrition Network training platform


2021 kicked off with a bang with the Nutrition Network hosting the inaugural World Nutrition Summit (WNS) in March. This intensive 3 day virtual event brought together world leading authorities to examine the link between nutrition and disease and address the global health crisis.

To say the event was a resounding success is an understatement. Attendee feedback confirmed that the virtual summit was unparalleled in its content and far exceeded expectations, leaving many with a shared sense of hope, purpose and community.

“Well done is too simple a word. I am awed. The admiration I have for the determination I feel in you speakers cannot be described in words!” Nurse, New Zealand

Over the 3 days, experts captivated attendees with the latest research and findings on a wide range of health, nutrition and lifestyle related topics. The exclusive content included lectures on Nutrition and Cancer by Dr Jason Fung; Ophthalmology by Dr John Cripps; Protein and Renal Health by Dr Jose Neto; Nutrition and Metabolic Psychiatry by Dr Georgia Ede; Sugar Addiction by Dr Jen Unwin, Medical Ethics by Adv Joan Adam, a Covid 19 panel discussion, to name just a few. The summit also included exclusive panel discussions, breakout and Q&A sessions. Find the full speaker list and topics here.

“I felt immensely privileged to have been part of this transformative experience.” South Africa

Since the event, we have been inundated by requests for extended access to the WNS content and resources. Unlike in person conferences, hosting an online summit gives us the unique opportunity to continue to make this content widely available.

In line with our commitment to keeping you at the forefront of nutrition training, we are excited to announce that the World Nutrition Summit content will be available as a featured course on the Nutrition Network Platform.

This means you now have

  • Lifetime access to exclusive WNS content from leading global authorities 
  • Approximately 30 hours of online training material 
  • Access to speaker presentations as a downloadable resource
  • CPD accreditation
  • Member support through an exclusive online member forum

Each of the 3 days can be purchased individually at $150 per day or as a complete 3 day bundle for $429. Those who have attended the live event may claim their lifetime access at $99.

As with all our trainings at the Nutrition Network, a portion of funds from course fees are donated to support ongoing research in LCHF nutrition through The Noakes Foundation as well as the community outreach programs through Eat Better South Africa

Enrolment is open to anyone eager to join the World Nutrition Summit community in its mission to co-create a healthy future and planet for future generations to come. Enrol here.

Those who have attended the Live event can claim their discounted access code by emailing the team at [email protected]

Keep an eye on all our platforms for more updates.

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