Launch: Programa Low Carb/Keto - Spanish Course Collaboration

The Nutrition Network is extremely proud to announce the launch of its first online course development collaboration, Programa Low Carb/Keto, with Dr Carlos Zumarraga.

Earlier this year, with the devastating effects of COVID-19, we reached out to our networks and presented an opportunity to take your ideas, knowledge and/or business online to share information and connect with like-minded individuals and potential new clients from around the world.

With many businesses looking to venture into the digital space, the Nutrition Network now offers its expertise in developing online courses, to select partners looking to create their very own e-learning or e-training programs.

Dr Zumarraga reached out to NN with a concept – to share the information that has guided his clinical practice with other Spanish healthcare practitioners. Dr Zumarraga’s clinic in Mexico, Clinica Keto, has successfully helped patients suffering from metabolic diseases associated with insulin resistance including obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-alcoholic fatty liver, and now he wants to help other healthcare practitioners in his community do the same.

Dr Zumarraga’s, Programa Low Carb/Keto online training, is a comprehensive course delivered in Spanish, providing the Spanish speaking community with an in-depth guide to LCHF/Keto Nutrition.

This is a practical 4-class course in which Dr. Zumarraga, a clinical researcher and keto medicine expert, reviews the ketogenic protocol and teaches you to apply it as the treatment of choice in obesity, diabetes and non alcoholic fatty liver. He teaches the rational therapy of ketogenic medical nutrition and more importantly how to implement it in real life.

Join us for the official launch on 13 Aug 2020, 3pm SAST, where Dr Zumarraga shares more about the course and discusses the clinical assessment of metabolic patients.

Would you like to develop and launch your own e-training or e-learning program? Through a leading platform, our team will help you put together world-class training in your very own online space or school, housing your unique offering under your brand. It will provide your students with a seamless learning experience through easily accessible video content, downloadable resources and easy payment options. 

Sharing your knowledge and skills with a global audience has never been easier. Email [email protected] to speak to our team on how to get started!

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