Press Release: Nutrition Network to launch new online course in neurology and associated conditions

  From 1 May 2021, medical and allied healthcare practitioners as well as existing Nutrition Network students will be eligible to enrol in a brand-new online course being offered by [...]


Press Release: Nutrition Network to host the first World Nutrition Summit (WNS) in 2021

  Nutrition Network (NN) will be bringing together a host of experts in the medical and nutrition fields at the first World Nutrition Summit (WNS) on 4–6 March 2021. Professor Tim Noakes, [...]



WORLD NUTRITION SUMMIT Virtual Event 4 – 6 March 2021 Will you be part of the epic launch of the first ever World Nutrition Summit?  2021 has started strong! This year, we at Nutrition Network [...]


“Fuel your health” – Stephan Nuesser (Mssc Sport Science)

“Fuel your health” by Stephan Nuesser (Mssc Sport Science)   A couple of years ago I got in touch with the low carb approach. I liked the idea that a LCHF diet could have a positive effect [...]


“Diabetes Reversed: The drug-free remedy” by Dr Jl Mulatya – Foreward by Prof Tim Noakes

Dr. Jonah Lazarous Mulatya is C.E.O, consultant anaesthetist and General Practitioner at Mulatya Memorial Hospital, as well as an esteemed member of The Nutrition Network. His journey with a low [...]


Nutrition Network Panel Discussion – Grey Area Carbs and Oats

The Nutrition Network is committed to providing expert training to medical professionals, backed by current science and research. As a responsibility to this commitment, the Nutrition Network [...]


Oats – ‘to orange list or not to orange list?’ That is the question.

By Tamzyn Murphy, RD, MSc (Dist.) Most people may be metabolically ‘broken’, insulin resistant, and thus, carbohydrate intolerant Only 12.2 % of Americans are metabolically healthy, according to [...]


Alzheimer’s Disease – Type 3 Diabetes 

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is considered to be a progressive brain disorder that affects memory and thinking skills, and the ability to carry out simple tasks. Estimates vary, but experts suggest [...]


Press Release – Latest training from Nutrition Network addresses worldwide obesity crisis

Obesity: Risk & Reversal The Nutrition Network is preparing to launch its newest training in its elective training series Obesity Risk & Reversal. Amidst the global obesity crisis and its [...]


GAPS Diet and Autism Spectrum Disorder – Nutrition Network Responds

The Nutrition Network received a question regarding the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by improving the gut microbiome through the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP) Diet and [...]

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