Coach Practitioner Certification for 2023 - Applications are open

Last October, The Nutrition Network launched the first Nutrition Network Coach Practitioner Certification Program, which saw 12 Nutrition Network Advisors from around the world, qualify as our very first group of  Low Carbohydrate Nutrition Network Coach Practitioners. 

In this advanced certification, health coaching and low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF)/ Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR) mentoring were expertly combined.  The first program ran as a 10-week live training session. It provided candidates with intensive, hands-on, practical coaching and LCHF mentoring experience. 

“I have completed a number of Nutrition Network trainings since 2018, but this certification has taken my knowledge to a whole new level. The knowledge we have gained here is extremely valuable. I want to save lives. Knowledge can truly save lives, especially if it is as high level as the knowledge we received in this training”, says one of our newly qualified Coach Practitioners from Hungary. 

This Certification path establishes our Advisors as industry leaders fully verified and supported by our team of experts. It equips candidates with a unique set of skills to work confidently with healthcare professionals, or independently. 

Applications for the Coach Practitioner Certification Program for 2022 are open. Coach practitioners will receive an advanced level of training from global experts. This makes them part of our distinguished group of expert TCR/LCHF/Keto Coaches & Mentors. Candidates are carefully selected based on their unwavering passion and vision to make an impact within LCHF nutrition coaching, as well as having complied with the rigorous qualifying criteria

The vision for our Nutrition Network Coach Practitioners™ is to step into the role of TCR coach and leader. This is someone who is confident in LCHF/TCR science and research. They are able to demonstrate the capabilities necessary to coach their clients. They also have the ability to teach and lead others who show an interest in the field.

“The Nutrition Network was originally created to train medical professionals to integrate TCR into their practice in a way that supported evidence-based treatment. What we have found in our first years is the essential link of a coach/educator/advisor to support medical intervention. What this person is and does is essential to long-term success for a patient with any lifestyle disease. We are not only treating illnesses medically, we are treating the person, and their ability to cope and adapt to new approaches. Behavioral change is not easy. Our training has experts in the areas of addiction, and dietary and lifestyle transformation at its core. What our advisors and certified coaches will do on a deeper level is take people on a journey of transformation back to health.” says Jayne Bullen, Managing Director of Nutrition Network.  

The program will run as an intensive 10 – 12 week live online training, led by a group of expert tutors. These include our team of NN medical experts, as well as selected expert Health Coaches.  Applications to take part in the next group this year are open, please complete the form at this link to apply

Contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

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