In partnership with Brazilian-based Guilherme Carregosa da Costa, Nutrition Network (NN) is delighted to announce the translation of our LCHF in Clinical Practice Training into Portuguese!

This is NN’s Advanced Professional Training, designed for medical and allied health practitioners and consists of three core modules; module 1: Evolutionary and Scientific Evidence, module 2: LCHF for Practical Medical Applications and lastly module 3: Prescribing LCHF in Clinical Practice.

Expertly translated by medical professionals, the training can be found at this link and is available for those from any Portuguese speaking territory.

Brazilian healthcare faces a number of challenges as a developing country with a population of around 212 million people. The issue they face is in line with healthcare inequality and preventative measures, mainly for non-communicable diseases. Over the last 50 years, Brazil has experienced a huge transition from reduced infectious diseases to an increase in chronic diseases, as well as a move in socio-economic and cultural patterns which resulted in overall lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes included reduced physical activity and exercise with an increase in unhealthy eating habits. Findings have also shown that there has been a growth in type 2 diabetes among Brazilian adults (1).

Guilherme Carregosa da Costa has an outstanding background filled with experience and knowledge as an entrepreneur, project manager and e-learning specialist. By using his well established online learning platform, SBE Academy, he is translating our existing courses into Portuguese and making our unique content available to his extensive student network, as well as to the Brazilian population. Coupled with a vast amount of experience in managing distance learning projects for more than 10.000 health professionals, mainly doctors in Brazil, he is the perfect expert for the translation of our advanced training in LCHF. 

“From the first meeting with Guilherme several years back scoping this collaboration, we knew this would be a like minded, quality and passion driven partnership! As an expert in the field of online learning coupled with his extensive medical knowledge, he has worked for over a year on the translations and creation of a linguistically applicable training to bring the best of our LCHF course to the local market with perfection and excellence” says Jayne Bullen, Managing Director. 

Jayne further states, “This training offers our detailed science of LCHF in Clinical Practice to Portuguese speakers that need the linguistic application, supporting our mission to improve the overall health and lifespan of people from around the globe. By including more languages in our training offering, we are gaining access to more lives to save and improve! Moving one step closer towards our goal of changing medicine, one practitioner at a time and with the many collaborators we work with to potentially reverse NCD’s in the next decades!”

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in overall health and wellbeing. By expanding our content to Portuguese, we are helping Brazil-based medical and allied health practitioners advance their understanding of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. With the proper knowledge and tools, as provided by our online trainings, we are helping them to better serve their patients. 

Through ongoing efforts, NN is continuing to look for various ways to bring the latest in educational content, research and nutritional science, to countries around the world.

Follow this link to enrol in this training. 

Contact [email protected] to become a translating partner with the Nutrition Network.


  1. Metabolic health in Brazil: trends and challenges: 

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