Nutrition Network Scholarship Program for 2020 Kicks Off!

As part of our continuous commitment to impacting change on a global scale, the Nutrition Network set out to offer a select number of funded and part-funded scholarship placements for our various training courses in 2020. 

Through this initiative, our aim is to reach and impact change in underserved communities across the world. As the leading affiliate of the Eat Better South Africa (EBSA), the Nutrition Network donates a significant portion of its funds towards supporting community outreach programs. 

By granting over $20K worth of scholarships to eligible candidates, we are creating a global network of Nutrition Network agents, with a shared vision for transformative change.

“At Nutrition Network, we feel strongly about supporting individuals who are trying to uplift communities by empowering them with education. This is in line with our work with Eat Better South Africa and why the majority profits of Nutrition Network provides funding for it. We are honoured to be able to give back in this way and to enhance and grow our community” says Dr Hassina Kajee, Medical Director Nutrition Network.

It has been weeks of deliberation,  as applications continue to stream in from across the world. From the US to Tajikistan, there has been no shortage of enthusiasm! Candidates for this first leg of our program have been selected based on their passion, commitment and vision towards community engagement and upliftment.

We are thrilled by the calibre of selected candidates and are so excited by the global impact that working together will make! Once certified, candidates will not only form part of our esteemed practitioner network, but will actively work with the Nutrition Network to implement their training within their areas of expertise. 

“The importance of nutrition is poorly understood, even in the medical doctor’s world, and less so amongst patients. For this reason, we need as many people who understand nutrition correctly to help these patients, whether they are family members, friends, church members, or even members of a sports club. By giving out scholarships, we are empowering more people to understand their own health, and then to help and influence others in their sphere’, says Dr Neville Wellington, Co-founder and Medical Director of the Nutrition Network.

Here’s wishing each of our candidates every success, as we begin this incredible journey together championing nutrition, one practitioner at a time!

Applications for this leg of the program are currently closed, however you may still apply for our second run, set to launch in June 2020.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria for our scholarship program, click here

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