A brand-new course from Nutrition Network (NN) will train people to advance their knowledge of the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet to support and enhance health for a wider population.

Nutrition Network (NN) is powered by The Noakes Foundation (TNF) and was founded as a fundraising strategy. NN has spent a year successfully training hundreds of medical professionals across the globe to integrate LCHF/Banting/Keto into their current services. Now, we will be expanding our offering from 15 July 2019.

“As the global demand for treating disease with diet skyrockets, so does the need for people in all areas of life that better understand LCHF and its incredible healing potential,” says Managing Director of NN Jayne Bullen. 

“We need to find a way to take the power and basic knowledge to the masses. We need change agents in government, retail and across all areas of society to advocate the need to rectify the gross errors in human health of the past 50 years – and we don’t have time to waste.”

Combining lectures and resources on motivation and coaching with a heavy focus on the science of LCHF, the course will take a person from wherever they are to an informed base.

“As an individual, you will improve your own health. You will become part of a team that is changing the world,” says Prof Tim Noakes, Chief Medical Director of NN. 

Advisors will offer guidance to those who are working on health goals that don’t need medical intervention. They will join a team of experts who are tackling crippling lifestyle diseases in innovative ways.

Diabetes expert and Medical Director Dr Neville Wellington explains that “medication plays a very small role in the treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)” and we need lifestyle and dietary support to take the front seat when it comes to tackling them.

Curated by the medical team at NN, the training material is presented by leading experts in their relevant fields, from world-class scientists, specialist doctors, and academics to ICF-accredited life coaches and internationally renowned motivational speakers. The course is jam-packed with outstanding scientific and coaching content. 

“We at NN support people who are passionate about their own health,” says Dr Hassina Kajee, Specialist Physician and Medical Director. “We believe in always being a part of the solution. Training advisors is one way to help shift the tide in the growing chronic disease epidemic and focus more on health promotion and disease prevention. Personally, I believe in the power of one! It really does take one person to make a tangible difference!”

The training will be accepting healthcare practitioners, health and fitness coaches, and those looking to upskill and acquire a professional accreditation in nutrition coaching.

Once advisors have completed the course, they will:

  • Be recognised as a Nutrition Network Advisor
  • Gain access to a private forum for members
  • Form part of our global Nutrition Network referral database
  • Have access to the globally represented private forum – join and collaborate with hundreds of medical professionals trained in LCHF practice

So why become an accredited NN advisor? Watch this.

Enrol today and help us Champion Nutrition, One Person At a Time!

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