Nutrition Network's Online Training: A Patient's Guide to Blood Glucose Management.

A Patient’s Guide to Blood Glucose Management is a comprehensive online course for referring doctors to provide patients with the best possible ongoing care outside the consulting rooms.

Designed by leading clinicians who understand the value of post consultation support, this course is intended to support treating clinicians to empower patients with a better understanding of Diabetes and Insulin Resistance (IR).  


Being diagnosed Diabetic/IR can be overwhelming for patients, and its management poses multiple challenges for both the treating clinician and the patient. For one, health care practitioners have limited time with their patients, making it impractical to cover all the relevant questions patients may have. In addition, with the overwhelming amounts of conflicting information available online, patients are often left feeling frustrated, inundated and unsure. 

This course has been designed to do the post-consultation heavy lifting by picking up where the clinician left off. The course contains the most up to date information on Diabetes & IR, discusses the reason behind why we get sick, looks into how different foods affect our blood glucose levels, highlights the importance of regular testing, and details effective methods patients can use to treat their disease, as advised by diabetes specialists. 

Developed as a series of easily understandable videos and downloadable resources, the course covers key topics that include: 

  • What is Diabetes?
  • What Are Carbohydrates and how to count them?
  • Glucose Monitoring and Blood Testing
  • Meal Planning
  • Why We Get Sick
  • An exclusive testimonial by Prof Tim Noakes on his diabetes reversal journey
  • And much more

Apart from providing a comprehensive guide outside of the consulting room, this course allows doctors to: 

  • Empower patients by helping them better understand their diagnosis and treatment 
  • Allow patients to become an active role-player in their treatment and recovery.
  • Establish a trusting partnership between themselves and the patient
  • Provide the latest research backed applications and information, proven to be effective
  • Provide ongoing and effective support for the patient
  • Continue to practice with principle

“I have been treating diabetic patients for 8 years now, teaching them the concepts of what it means to empower themselves to treat their own Diabetes. This series of lectures covers these concepts in the hope that patients can go back to them. The problem that every doctor has is that they don’t have enough time with their patients. My hope is that other GP’s, Diabetes educators and coaches will be able to refer their patients to this course and be an aid to what they are doing for their patients. Patients will be able to use these to learn to control diabetes and hopefully even reverse it. We’ve seen fantastic results! This doesn’t have to be a hopeless journey. Diabetes is not a continuous and progressive disease.” says Dr Neville Wellington, Diabetes expert and key lecturer for this training. 


Managing Director of Nutrition Network, Jayne Bullen says, “An essential part of the work we do is to support our practitioners in offering educational material for patients adopting an LCHF lifestyle. The great content in this course for patients should allow doctors to give patients the best care and a self-study toolkit to help them get it right first time, saving our healthcare workers time and energy.

This course is available to patients via treating practitioners and can be accessed by referral only here.

Once enrolled, patients will receive additional support by gaining exclusive access to the Nutrition Network member group for questions and discussions related to Diabetes and IR.

For more information contact [email protected]

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