Online Training in Neurology: Keto for Migraines, Epilepsy and Alzheimer's Disease

Medical and allied healthcare practitioners as well as existing Nutrition Network students will be eligible to enrol in a brand-new online course being offered by Nutrition Network. The new course will focus on the impact of low-carb, high-fat (LCHF)/Ketogenic nutrition on neurological conditions such as migraines, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

Neurology: Keto for Migraines, Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease, is an elective designed for Medical and Allied Health Care Professionals on the topic of neurology and how LCHF/Ketogenic nutrition may be used in clinical practice to manage and reverse neurological associated conditions. Worth 12 Continued Professional Development hours.

Presented by national and international medical and allied healthcare experts in their field on the topic of neurology, and how LCHF/Ketogenic nutrition may be used in clinical practice to manage and reverse neurological associated conditions.


Research has shown that people with depression have a 40% higher risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases than the general population. Various studies have also shown that a diet that is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates can have an effect on moods, sleeping patterns and weight. Nutrition Network’s Neurology Online Training will look at all this evidence and more as well as how this information can be used to improve the lives of your patients. The module counts towards certification as a Nutrition Network Practitioner and all students who complete the course will receive an accredited certificate of completion.

The course will be hosted solely online, with each lecture including the learning objectives and summary; video lectures, interviews and panel discussions by the expert speakers; an assessment in the form of a quiz; and downloadable resources and additional readings. The content of the training has been reviewed by the Nutrition Network Medical Advisory Board. Each lecture will present the physiology and scientific evidence of the topic at hand as well as the practical clinical implementation guidelines of an LCHF diet for neurology-related applications. The downloadable resources will include reference lists and patient education resources to use in your practice.

The lecturers and topics include Joan Ifland, PhD – neurophysiology of sugar addiction; Angela Stanton, PhD – migraines and ketones; Dr Michael Hoffman – food, mood and mind; Tamzyn Murphy, RD – Alzheimer’s disease; Dr Willem Mostert – personal perspective: Brain-Fit; Dr Quang Truong – mental health; Kate Megaw, RD – epilepsy; Emma Williams – epilepsy: a perspective from Matthew’s friends; Dr Nina Tsakadze – migraines, headaches and diet; and Dr Paul Mason – dementia.

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