Our newest Advisor training: Why it's important to us as part of our education mix and how it differs from our current trainings at Nutrition Network 

The Nutrition Network Online Training platform undoubtedly delivers one of the highest levels of low carbohydrate nutrition training available today and we are deeply grateful for the support and feedback received to date.

Existing Nutrition Network trainings have focused exclusively on training medical professionals on the science behind the LCHF diet. While having your toolbox packed with such a high level of LCHF knowledge is indeed key to helping patients optimise their well-being through nutrition, inspiring and motivating behavioural changes also plays a key role.

One of the fundamental differences between the current professional training and the Nutrition Network Advisor Training Course is that it focuses on those very areas to equip you with skills necessary to drive and inspire behavioural change in your patients.

Apart from the essential coaching techniques, the course also includes a wide range of specialised topics that cover an in-depth understanding of LCHF nutrition and a holistic perspective of managing chronic disease and weight loss.

Here is an overview of some key topics covered on the Nutrition Network Advisor Training.



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