Press Release: Nutrition Network to host the first World Nutrition Summit (WNS) in 2021


Nutrition Network (NN) will be bringing together a host of experts in the medical and nutrition fields at the first World Nutrition Summit (WNS) on 4–6 March 2021. Professor Tim Noakes, the founder of The Noakes Foundation and the CMO of Nutrition Network, will be the keynote speaker.


This annual event will be a virtual one, with industry experts and authorities from around the world gathering to address nutrition-related health challenges that are affecting society on a global scale. The aim of the WNS is to “fix global health through nutrition” by examining the link between nutrition and disease reversal. Over three days, experts will explore this topic and others in the context of various nutritional, dietary and lifestyle perspectives, ranging from low-carb, high-fat to vegan and paleo diets.


The WNS believe that “healthy food means a healthy planet” and “better food equals better lives” and will be demonstrating how what we eat affects who we are over three days of 30- to 45-minute lectures, complete with panel discussions and Q&A sessions. The role of nutrition will be looked at in relation to diseases such as diabetes and obesity as well as issues related to mental health and ophthalmology amongst others. In addition, the cost of poor nutrition in light of COVID-19 will be examined from both a local and global perspective and challenges such as food insecurity and food policy will be addressed as well.


Some of the speakers who will be sharing their expertise at the WNS include Dr Jason Fung, a specialist physician and New York Times bestselling author, who will be examining the link between nutrition and cancer; Dr Hassina Kajee, an integrative specialist physician, who will be examining the role of inflammation in diabesity; Dr José Neto, who specializes in nephrology and will be providing an evidence-based analysis of the role protein plays in renal health; and Ivor Cummins who will look at Low Carb Strategies in the Age of Viral Panic.


Jayne Bullen, COO of the Nutrition Network states: “There has never been a more critical time to address our global nutrition stories. To talk about, debate, collectively animate and put our heads together in the quest for better nutrition, for all! Covid19 and its complex co-mordibity maps have shown us, again as if we didn’t know: immunity matters, health matters, nutrition matters. Now, more than ever. We simply must work better, together.”


Tickets are available for purchase at the Early Bird Price of $99 until 1 Feb 2021. For More information contact the Nutrition Network at [email protected]

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