Today, the Nutrition Network (NN) launched the world’s first low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) online training for dietitians and Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS). The coaching is designed to enhance the nutritional offering available to these professionals, as well as the lives of their clients and patients.

The NN is powered by The Noakes Foundation (TNF) and was founded as a fundraising strategy to support Eat Better South Africa (EBSA). The NN has spent over a year training thousands of medical professionals across the globe to integrate LCHF/banting/keto into their current services. Now, they will be expanding their offering on 31 October 2019 when they launch the specialisation LCHF for Dietitians: Professional Online Training for Dietitians and Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) in LCHF for Health Promotion and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).

Dietitians and CNS are realising how effective LCHF diets can be for various clinical applications and are seeing the need for professional guidance for patients pursuing this dietary intervention. 

Tamzyn Murphy, registered dietitian for the NN, highlights that “dietitians are the only healthcare professionals whose entire degree is dedicated to equipping them to prescribe personalised nutrition and dietary interventions to promote health and prevent and treat specific health conditions. Yet, they’re not trained on LCHF nutrition, which would likely benefit at least 30-60% of the population, particularly those many with insulin-resistant conditions. It is a dietitian’s responsibility to know how to implement individualised evidence-based LCHF nutrition for the safe and effective management of patients.”

At last, there is an internationally curated, evidence-based LCHF course, designed for dietitians and CNS and created by world-leading experts in the field. This training synthesises the most important evidence and applications of LCHF in clinical practice, so the health professionals responsible for MNT interventions can do their jobs more effectively.

Jayne Bullen, MD at the NN, describes the science of the training as flawless. “[It’s] curated by dietitians whose advice I deeply respect and is supported by a group of world-class experts in this area. It’s set to become an essential part of the tool kit for all dietitians globally. It is time to include carb-restriction in your offering for the benefit of your patients, and we can’t wait to support you on this journey!” 

The standard of content in the new training is unparalleled. It consists of:

  • Video lectures, presenting physiology and scientific evidence.
  • Practical clinical implementation guidelines of an LCHF diet for various applications. These lectures are presented in two parts: a theoretical lecture and a complementary practical lecture, often using case studies.
  • Supporting documents, including the speakers’ PowerPoint presentations, reference lists, and practitioner and patient education resources to use in your practice.

The NN is grateful to the international team of dietitians, CNS and doctors from around the globe who contributed to, and scientifically vetted, this training. 

The NN is currently offering an early bird discount of US$549 (R5 490 for South African citizens) to anyone who registers before 1 November 2019. 

For course queries or general enquiries, please email [email protected].

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